ZPS Prefix is a new member of holding Promet Group!

Company ZPS Prefix has become a new member the Ostrava holding skupina Promet Group and expands the division of metalurgy and machinery. The expansion of the production companies in the holding by the ZPS Prefix was a strategic purchase. The machining, assembly and surface tratment will add up to services much needed in the other subsidiaries such as Promet Foundry distant only 6 km away.

The usage of this company could be reflected also is another subsidiary Tawesco. Here it is mainly about the machining, which comples the already wide range of sservices in Tawesco as well as the whole holding Promet Group.

The new owner plans to increase production. Ing. Michal Šrom from the company ZPS Prefix said: “The company is not fulfilling the capacity in terms of personel as well as technical side. The changes of slimming nature in regards to staff or capacities are not a subject of plan. The actual plan is to increase not only the production, but also the number of skeleton staff.

The holding Promet Group already holds one company in near Vsetín. ZPS Prefix owns a modern machine park which is not fully used. The buldings and other facilities taht are owned by the company offer the extensive area for new use and development of company.